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At Villa Aureli we care for the environment and we try to provide our guests with a holiday which respects it. The villa and the garden, built centuries ago, when there was no electric energy, neither gas, nor chemical fertilizers, were planned and constructed to minimize the need for energy. The thick outside walls effectively protect from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer. The water for the garden, the vegetables, the orangerie, the fountain, and the irrigation tank, now transformed into the swimming pool, is supplied by our well through a gravitational system.

We realize that modern comforts require energy. Therefore we have installed a system of photovoltaic panels, which produces sufficient electrical power for the needs of our apartments, including the air conditioning in the Adolfo house, where the walls are not as thick as in the wings of the villa. In order to respect individual choices made by our customers and to reduce environmental impact, the expenses for heating and air conditioning - which are available upon request - are metered and charged individually.

Our products come from small-scale cultivated grounds, that respect the traditional methods of fertilization and transformation. The wine, the olive oil, the “vin santo”, the “limoncello”, the marmalade  and the honey, are natural products, obtained without use of artificial fertilizers, treatments and additives. The only exception is the anti-parasite treatment for the vines; this treatment is performed at a long time distance from the grapes’ harvesting, following the methods adopted in organic agriculture.

We also prepare for our guests meals with the products of our farm following the traditional methods of the Umbrian cuisine, without chemical preservatives or additives.

The apartments are provided with several containers for the separate collection of waste, which we dispose of ourselves, partly recycling it in the farm.




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